omg, it's been a year.
i forget why i stopped updating. i got busy with work and whatever. i started drawing more and watching a bunch of animes and stuff but i want to start updating again. :)

omg, has it really been a month??
work got busy and so did like, life. but i'm back. today i added a bunch of new links to some excellent neocities sites, and i added another page to the ~*~nostalgia zone~*~ but it's more of my personal nostalgia. i've been playing final fantasy 9 a lot lately and plan to play every final fantasy this summer in between working and getting more content on this bitch. okay love yall ttyl

happy april!
tonight i have begun my shrines page where i'll just be putting random stuff i think deserves it's own page, be it characters or bands or shows or... whatever i can think of, i guess. i started with feitan from hunter x hunter because he was dominating my braincells last summer and i just love him so much.
i found a stack of disks from the 2000s recently and will be going through them and hopefully have some cool stuff to share. i will work on memories soon. im trying to browse more neocities sites to find more cool links + inspiration lately.
i'm just having so much fun here. :)

got some actual ~content~ today!!
i added more stuff to the music page - strictly to the anime playlists. some additions to the old anime playlist and i made a new one with some of my favorite bops. some of the animes i didn't necessarily love, but they still have banger openings.
a sin, really.
i also made a page for some generators where you can randomize an AOL screen name and away message. they were super fun to make and i will probably add more to them as i think of them.
i will probably have another memory up by the end of the week if nothing else horrible happens! lol <3

my dog passed away. he was with family and it was nice, but i'm still sad.
between that and the exciting philadelphia water issues, i have been trying to stay occupied and haven't worked on the site. but i have things planned!

i tried some html stuff to kind of make the site cleaner. it looks okay for now.
my dog was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer last week and my family made the unfortunate but necessary decision to put him to sleep this upcoming thursday. i'm feeling sad. but i know he's in so much pain. i just wish animals could live forever.
other than that, i'm working on some fun little projects and my next memory. hopefully i can try my hand at my own graphics eventually.

i added another memory about neopets!
other than that i'm trying to figure out some css, like how to get a sidebar. but when i add it, it makes my font ugly. it's a learning process but i'll get there - it's fun to learn!! i'm thinking i will be making some shrines too, to characters i like, as well as some childhood stuff. i've been feeling very nostalgic lately.

work had been busy so it's been a lot of coming home and going right to bed.
i added a links page finally. i'm working on another essay and i added gifs.
love u!

my birthday was really good! i got sad but i am okay now. :)
i'm looking for my ipad charger so i can make a button but it's... somewhere around here lol. i added more gifs! and i'm working on putting together a link page and have been drafting my next memories in little teeny tiny scraps.

it's my birthday!
i added a second memory and more gifs. i'm working on playlists that remind me of this era. sometimes i feel very empty inside.

i added a gifs page! i spent my night uploading a whole bunch of stuff i had saved on my computer. i have lots more and more sections planned, but so far it's just anime and goth stuff lol.

i slept most of my weekend and didn't get the chance to work on anything. i added some more to my second memory but it's not ready to post yet. i'm still thinking of more things i want you write about.

i made a guestbook and started working on another memory, this time about early fandom. mostly i browsed other websites on neocities so i can curate a cool link page later. :)

i made this website!! i started to re-learn html/css and built a few pages. i posted my first memory and also this page and the about me.