when i was 14, the day after my 8th grade graduation, i had a house fire.
i lost pretty much everything.
obviously, it sucked.

one of the major losses was all of the art and html and rpgmaker games i had been making on my computer. i saved some stuff online but the majority of it was gone.
my brother was recently moving and uncovered some old CDs and we went through them. we found some old pictures which was great, but on one disc (naturally the most damaged and corrupted one) we found some of my old art.

i found my absolute garbage from 2001-2002. it's all done on mspaint or paintshop pro. it's awful. but i absolutely love looking at people's digital art from the 2000s before tablets and ipads were a big thing. some people were really skilled at drawing with a mouse. i absolutely was not.

first up, here is when i thought i could make my own neopets/pokemon.

what is "filling the page?" what is a "transparent background?"
- me in 2002, probably.

oh look, here is when i wanted to make my own gifs of said neopokemon rip-offs.

the first two i remember were named "Kobu" and "Dewbee", but i changed Dewbee to Dewlee because kids in my class said a dewbee was a weed thing and i didn't want to be associated with that. Kobu was born on an oekaki board, i remember. the other two i would not have remembered but on the folder they were on, called "PixCritters", they were dubbed "Shamelion" and "Wabbit".
wow so clever

the crown jewel was the art of my first original character and psuedonym, Pixiefox. i did not know what furries were yet. i just liked foxes and thought it would be crazy if they wore clothes and walked around like people - truly a novel concept.
she was an avatar for myself and i will talk about her more when i write about furcadia but for now here is trash i did when i was 11.

i had apparently never seen a fox before in my life.

oh yeah baby. oh yeah.
the shading outside the wobbly lines... the beautful stamped clouds...
the lack of regard for line weight... the true to life proportions...
i went to art school, for what it's worth.

finally (for now anyway), i'll end this with a comic strip i intended to update weekly.

anyway. this is a partial time capsule of some of my formative art. as much as i make fun of it, it ignited my creativity and love for art. i learned how to shade and draw clean lines and all kinds of things from practicing daily on the computer. i intend to dig up more but for now... this will do.