"i'll pay back the pain."

feitan portor is an antagonist in yoshihiro togashi's masterpiece, hunter x hunter. he is known as a member of the phantom troupe, a group of criminals with a massive list of crimes not limited to murder and thievery. he is ranked #2 and is the groups sadistic interrogator, as well as a very skilled swordsman. he's noted for his speed and bloodthirsty enjoyment in battle and is considered a formidable foe. when he gets hurt in battle, he unleashes an attack called pain packer where he inflicts the pain he received back onto the person who dealt it. he's pretty scary. he's also incredibly short and speaks broken english.

officially listed as 155cm (5'1" for the USA folks), he's just a little guy.
and i love him.

what a cute little dork.

i've always been a villian enjoyer so i was naturally drawn to the phantom troupe. when i first got into hunter x hunter, i was kind of a casual enjoyer. i watched it in the background and liked the general story. it was when i was doing a rewatch in 2020 during covid that i became a diehard fan that has yet to shut up.
initially i made fun of him. i called him a greasy short king and made fun of him relentlessly. my love for him manifested in a very schoolyard crush way.
i can't explain what draws me to him but i just love the lil squirt. i collect merch of him and spent months drawing him exclusively. i love all of the members of the troupe but he stuck out for some reason. i also love his relationship with phinks, who will proably get his own shrine eventually.

here's some fanart i've done of him. click for the full picture.

anyway he's my little meow meow and my babygirl. that's all for now. lol.

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