about me

my name is angela.
i am 34 years old.
i was born in march of 1990.
i'm a cisgender girl.
my pronouns are she/her.
i live in philadelphia, pennsylvania, in the united states

a little more

i am criminally nostalgic. i love exploring and being in nature, but i'm a city girl at heart. my favorite color is purple, and i love diet coke. i'm pretty into beer and breweries and like to try new ones whenever i can. i have two cats named Hoagie and Gabagool who i love to pieces. old tech is a big interest of mine.
i love music and always want to discover more - my current favorite artist is lingua ignota but i've been really into vaporwave recently. i love watching movies, even if they're not the best. i'm bad at math but enjoy learning code.
i work in healthcare but doing office stuff. i like to draw but don't do it enough. i dream of travelling but never learned to drive. i'm a big anime/manga fan, sailor moon, evangelion, and hunter x hunter are my favorites - i've also been really into chainsaw man. i play video games when i can but fall off often - but final fantasy has my heart. i collect toys of my favorite interests, and i love plushies.
i'm really shy but i love meeting people.
i'm so happy to be here on neocities. i've spent so much time talking about oldweb and prowling the wayback machine for a taste of it and didn't know this existed.
i am so beyond grateful. hello everyone!

what is this?

let's call it a love letter to the way the internets culture and expression made me who i am today. i've been an avid user of the internet since probably 1996, maybe 1997. as long as i could read and operate a computer, i've been using the web. i have made my home on a vast array of websites, fandoms, and communities.
the internet shaped me and i am grateful.
i miss it. i miss going to personal websites and learning about people from places far away from me, seeing what they were like, seeing what they did to their space on the web. i miss looking up something and getting lost in a forum or a fan shrine. i miss the passion and energy. i, of course, use social media, but it feels so sterile. everything is uniform. i miss color and excitement. i miss being unabashedly myself.
i miss connection.
my hope is to bring some joy back into my life, learn new skills, and connect with people. i want to share my memories of growing up online and see others as well. i also want somewhere to put the cute and silly things i find!

my anime list
my manga list